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Helping students find their academic groove
“All of our son’s grades went up, some by two grade letters. Now they are all A’s and B’s. Thank you so much!”
─ Parent of student at a local, highly selective private school.


Prometheus Tutors is flexible and creative when designing a program to fit your student.

Don’t give up. Don’t be frustrated. At Prometheus, scholastic turnarounds happen daily!  With the expert guidance available at Prometheus, success is just a matter of time and patience. Tutoring requires expertise. Prometheus tutors possess a thorough understanding of not only  knowledge content, but also the skills required to work with that knowledge and the reasoning and strategies required to more effectively rise to a higher level of academic achievement.


All of our tutors have subject expertise, and teaching experience. The result – your child is motivated by our dynamic tutors. Watching your student’s success, you will gain peace of mind knowing that your child has the opportunity to meet and exceed his or her potential. Achieving higher grades on quizzes and exams is just the start. Our students usually average a full grade point higher after only a few months of tutoring.


After establishing your student’s needs, we will recommend a tutoring schedule for your student and then adjust as needed. Some students come to Prometheus only once per week, others come several times per week, while still others (boarding students, for example) come daily when they are in town.


Additionally, Prometheus can support remote students via web-based instruction.