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Prometheus’ tutors have a proven track record of helping students improve their grades and attain scholastic goals. We also offer diagnostic testing, summer programs, online courses, and more to help your student achieve academic success.   Poor grades can be as frustrating for your child as they are for you. Prometheus gives your student the tools he or she needs to succeed. Our professional, highly qualified tutors specialize in tutoring that provides a balance of encouragement, sensitivity, and expertise. The results your child will achieve will amaze you.   “Our daughter’s grades zoomed to the top. Just as important is her confidence in herself and her academic abilities. Prometheus, you are indeed amazing. ” – Parent of student at a local public school

Tutor-Assisted Online Courses

We have found that most students prefer and fare better using online courses than using conventional textbooks. Part of the reason is their familiarity with the online world and another part is the availability of interesting multi-media resources such as sound clips, animations, short movies, newsreels, etc. Prometheus provides K-12 courses via our Tutor-Assisted Online Courses program.   However, whether using traditional textbooks or working online, most students are not effective at completely self-managing their instruction. Prometheus combines tutor instruction with online practice at home to deliver an effective, student-friendly educational environment.

 Online Education – Additional Materials

•    Many students use only the online systems and books from local schools/libraries and do not need to purchase any additional materials   •    Any additional materials issued are charged at retail prices

Academic Tutoring – Additional Program Details

Structure of the instruction •    Sessions are generally 1 – 1.5 hours in length, and the focus is subject-specific instruction •    Number of sessions:  Prometheus will recommend a tutoring sequence, but the duration of instruction is at the family’s discretion Homework:  This program relies primarily on applying the lessons to the student’s day-to-day class work and homework, so additional homework is kept at a minimum.





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* Semi-private tutoring reduces the cost for each student. It is appropriate for students who know each other, have compatible schedules, get along well (particularly in the context of studies), and are studying at a similar academic level. That is, they are taking classes that are at a similar level of difficulty, and their grades in those classes are not significantly different. Note:  Students must jointly initiate semi-private tutoring. Prometheus does not match up students.

** Discount is per hour, applied to the chosen program. For any unused portion of a pre-paid package, the remaining credit is refundable, pro-rated, minus the pre-pay discount.

Materials:  Additional materials are charged at retail prices.