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Study Skills


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Q: Why are Study Skills important?
A: Not knowing how to study is a major cause of academic failure in college.

According to the U.S. Department of Education’s National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), approximately 43% of students do NOT graduate from college within 6 years.


In a 2008 survey of more than 160,000 undergraduates enrolled in the University of California system, students were asked to list what interferes most with their academic success. … And then came the number one reason, agreed upon by 33 percent of students, who said they struggled with one particular problem ‘frequently’ or ‘all the time’: They simply did not know how to sit down and study.”

Boston Globe, July 4, 2010, referring to a study of 160,000 University of California undergraduates.



Study Skills Program

Prometheus’ Study Skills Program focuses on improving student confidence and performance. Based on 20 years of experience and recent learning research, this innovative study skills program is proven to be successful and is in high demand. Under the expert guidance of our study skills experts, students learn highly effective strategies, increasing their knowledge and self-confidence. Prometheus’ Study Skills Program has three major components:

  • Study skills
  • Reading skills
  • Academic mentoring


Study Skills

Prometheus students learn to effectively employ a variety of learning and studying methods. Your student’s tutor will conduct a learning style assessment. Your student will then be introduced to a variety of ways to manage his or her time, organize materials being studied, and memorize. These topics are complemented by instruction on strategies for note-taking and test-taking.

During the school year, Prometheus applies these lessons to your student’s day-to-day class work and homework. During the summer, we prepare your student for the fall semester, using summer reading assignments and early preparation for the fall term subjects.

Study Skills Program – Overview
  • Learning style and study skills assessment
  • Coursework monitoring and academic mentoring
  • Time management, information organization, and study environment
  • Memory exercises
  • Reading skills – active reading, differentiated reading, reading comprehension
  • Mid-range reading
  • Test-taking skills


Reading Skills

Many students are hindered in their studies by insufficient reading comprehension and speed. Prometheus will first determine your student’s grade-appropriate Effective Reading Rate (ERR). The reading skills component of this program explores a variety of reading techniques and implementation methods that have proven effective in improving both comprehension and speed, including:

  • Active reading
  • Differentiated reading, based upon content type: textbooks, novels, newspapers, magazines, etc.
  • Mid-Range Reading Strategies


Academic Mentoring

Your student’s tutor takes responsibility for tracking, monitoring, and mentoring your student on all coursework, particularly the core academic subjects: English, math, history/social studies, science, and foreign language. Your student’s tutor keeps the family and our Curriculum Director informed of any significant developments. If the tutor determines that your student requires assistance in subjects beyond the tutor’s scope, he or she will refer that student to suitable tutoring.






  Private Tutor

Per hour


  Semi-private (x2)*

Per hour


Pre-paid package**

20 hours





Registration, one-time fee




Materials:  Additional materials are charged at retail prices.

Semi-private tutoring reduces the cost for each student. It is appropriate for students who know each other, have compatible schedules, get along well (particularly in the context of studies), and are studying at a similar academic level. That is, they are taking classes that are at a similar level of difficulty, and their grades in those classes are not significantly different. Note: Students must jointly initiate semi-private tutoring. Prometheus does not match students up.

** Discount is per hour, applied to the chosen program. For any unused portion of pre-paid package, the remaining credit is refundable, pro-rated, minus the pre-pay discount.


Study Skills Program - Additional program details


Session Length

  • 1 hour:  Session is usually equally split between study skills instruction and hands-on work
  • 1.5 hours: Sessions are usually split one third for Study Skills and two thirds for Academic Mentoring

Number of Sessions

  • At the family’s discretion.
  • Recommended: 14 sessions, once or twice per week.


  • During the school year, this program relies primarily on applying the lessons to the student’s day-to-day class work and homework, so additional homework is kept at a minimum.
  • During the summer, we recommend the program rely upon the student’s summer reading assignments and subjects for which the student may want advance preparation.