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“Exciting news! Our eighth- grade daughter is eligible for the Johns Hopkins’ Center for Talented Youth program. Your talented tutors made that a possibility, and, in addition, our student is so much more confident in test-taking. Again, thanks.”

– Parent of eighth grade SSAT/SAT test prep student, Prometheus Tutors.


In the context of special educational programs, the following are frequently recognized indicators of a high-achieving student:

  • MCAS – Advanced
  • 95th percentile or higher on grade-level, standardized tests, such as ERB (CPT-4), HSPT, ISEE, and SSAT
  • Teacher or Principal recommendation


Do you have a high-achieving 5th-10th grade student?


If so, your student may benefit from one of the programs recognized by the National Association for Gifted Children (www.nagc.org). A few of the more selective programs, for example, the Center for Talented Youth, at Johns Hopkins University, (www.cty.jhu.edu), use the SAT or ACT Test as part of their admissions assessment.


Why would my 5th – 10th grade student want to prepare early for the SAT or ACT?


Preparing for the SAT or ACT
  • Will help your student to qualify for the most highly regarded national programs for high-achieving students
  •  Helps him or her to prepare for the ERB (CPT-4), HSPT, ISEE, and SSAT
  •  Encourages overall improved academic performance
  • Is an “open buffet” for future SAT test prep at Prometheus Tutors ‒ after your student completes Prometheus Tutors’s PSAT/SAT test prep program, he or she may return to audit the classes and boot camps again, at no additional charge (subject to some restrictions):
    • Every young student who has participated in SAT test prep at Prometheus Tutors has qualified for the most rigorous programs in the nation
    • Younger students who have participated in SAT test prep at Prometheus Tutors have returned to achieve phenomenal score gains on their college admissions scores


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