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Prometheus provides students with the most innovative, creative and successful test preparation regimen, taught by Prometheus’ professional instructors.  The results speak for themselves. No one does test prep better than Prometheus.

Prometheus students have a long history of achieving outstanding results on benchmark tests. That fact can be attributed largely to Prometheus’ expertise in developing revolutionary test preparation strategies. Only by understanding a test’s underlying characteristics can a student meet or exceed not just national averages, but, more importantly, his or her expectations.


Standardized admissions tests cover three primary topics:

  • Subject content (reading, writing, arithmetic)
  • Reasoning
  • Timing

K-12 public and private and college education teaches content. However, it is rare to find a school or college that teaches reasoning, and timed testing has all but disappeared.

At Prometheus, we employ a holistic approach to test preparation that includes exploring test design, implementing strategic solutions, and practicing on hundreds of authentic test questions.


  • 1-on-1 Tutoring
  • Intake Diagnostic Assessment and Consultation:
    • Full credit applied to subsequent test prep tutoring, class, or boot camp.
  • Recommended sequence: Customized for each student based upon starting score and desired point gain.


Master Tutor
 Tutoring  Duration  Cost
 Private Tutor  Per Hour  $170
 Semi-Private (2)  Per Hour  $120

Registration & Materials (for all students):  $170