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Community Center / Club Partnership Program


Prometheus Tutors is proud to offer steep discounts, vouchers, and on-campus SAT/ACT test prep classes to your students


  • BASIC program: Send out a monthly e-mail, and receive vouchers and discounts
  • Non-intrusive, low-overhead program
  • Prometheus Tutors does not request:
    • Exclusivity
    • Endorsement
    • Student contact information


  • Vouchers for SAT/ACT-Combo or SSAT test prep package
  • Discounts on ALL classes and tutoring
  • Guaranteed Instruction is offered with most classes, including boot camps
  • Students can audit concurrent and future classes (attend at no additional charge)


Community Center / Club / parents organization sponsor(s)

  • The partnership can be directly with a Community Center, a Club, an affiliated parents organization, or any combination of sponsors



Community Center / Club / parents organization obligations

  • Partner will send out an informational e-mail reminding students/families of the availability of the partnership program at least once per month while the partnership is active
  • Partner will post information about the partnership and a link on the Community Center / Club web site on par with similar programs
  • Partner may provide option of hosting Prometheus test prep classes/boot camps at Community Center or Club Center, subject to availability and student interest

Partnership Vouchers

  • 1 Joining Voucher when first joining the program
  • 1 Head Count Voucher for every 10 paying students
  • Voucher value: 1 SAT/ACT-Combo test prep class/boot camp program
    or 1 SSAT test prep package,
    or 6 hours of SSAT/HSPT/ISEE test prep tutoring
  • Voucher use (no additional fees apply): Community Center / Club / parents organization choose how to use the Voucher
    (for example: scholarship, auction, raffle item)
  • 1 voucher may be split into 2 Half-Vouchers

Partnership Discounts

BASIC: Facility fee applies for room rental at the Community/Club Center or no facility is available

  • 10% discount on ALL classes/boot camp
  • 5% discount on all other services
  • Other Prometheus Promotions: 60% of published discount

GOLD: Facility is available, and no facility fee for room rental at the Community/Club Center

  • 20% discount on ALL classes/boot camp
  • 10% discount on all other services
  • Other Prometheus Promotions: 25% of published discount



Student Success

  • Average SAT point gain per subject (similar demographics) is double the national average for test prep – over 90 points per subject
  • From Ivy League to special needs


  • The most rigorous program in the industry – in a league of its own
  • Developed by Prometheus Tutors
  • First in the nation with SAT/ACT-Combo classes


  • Small class size: 20 or fewer students
  • On-campus test prep classes available (minimum of 6 paying students)
  • FREE diagnostics, practice exams, and advising
  • FREE test prep info sessions at our center and on-campus

Cost-effective – FREE AUDITING (some programs)

  • Attend additional classes at no additional charge
  • Pay once, and your student can take our test prep program over and over again
  • Student may attend concurrent/future cycles of same class


  • Offered with most classes and boot camps
  • Instruction is provided even if only 1 student is registered
  • Prometheus does not cancel guaranteed classes or boot camps

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