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 Advance Placement (AP) Courses


The College Board offers 37 AP Courses. Most (32) but not all AP courses have exams during the first two full weeks of May. AP Exams range from 2.5 hours to 3.25 hours, where most are approximately 3 hours long.


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AP Courses ‒ General information



AP Courses ‒ List of courses



AP Courses ‒ Course Pages

The College Board does not offer official study guides for the individual AP exams. It does offer downloadable brochures. From the following URL, follow the link to each test of interest and its associated PDF information brochure:



AP Courses ‒ Information about the format of the exams

The College Board provides a summary sheet that has information about the sections on each exam, duration, format of question (multiple choice, essay, or oral defense), calculator use (for math and science), listening and speaking (for foreign languages), sight-singing (Music Theory). research project with oral defense (Seminar & Research), and portfolio (Studio Art):



AP Courses ‒ AP Exam preparation books (for each subject)

Most AP Exam preparation books contain:

·       A diagnostic practice test, which sometimes is not a full- length test

·       Review of material covered by the test

·       Examples and practice questions

·       Full-length practice tests (publisher’s estimate of test contents)

·       Scoring guidelines


AP Exam preparation books are available from a number of publishers, including:

  • Barron
  • Cliff Notes
  • Kaplan
  • McGraw Hill
  • Pearson
  • Princeton Review
  • Research & Education Association
  • Sterling