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Test Preparation

Scores that get you noticed, skills that last a lifetime

Average PSAT to SAT score gain (per subject, with instruction)

  • Nationwide:             42 points
  • Prometheus Tutors:   95 points!

Students who are willing to work hard and embrace Prometheus’ strategies are in a position to dramatically increase their standardized test scores. It’s that simple.


Prometheus Tutors achieves similar results with SSAT / ISEE / HSPT, ACT, and Graduate School Exam students.


How? Just ask us!

Prometheus provides students with the most innovative, creative and successful test preparation regimen, taught by Prometheus’ professional instructors.  The results speak for themselves. No one does test prep better than Prometheus.


Standardized admissions tests


Standardized admissions test must achieve scores that yield a “bell curve” distribution (normal distribution). How do they achieve such results? There are three primary components of admissions tests that yield the bell curve results:

  • Subject content (reading, writing, arithmetic)
    • Knowledge
    • Skills
  • Timing
  • Reasoning


Subject content gaps


K-12 public and private school education programs teach content.  However, almost all students have gaps in that subject content. Standardized tests intentionally ask questions about content that the testing agencies have determined are poorly understood by the tested students. In particular, most standardized testing agencies rely upon well understood statistics about frequently confused words, confusing and sophisticated concepts, common grammatical mistakes, and common calculation mistakes. Some of the gaps are in topics that are common to most students, and some of the gaps are specific to each student.

Knowledge: Theses exams test you on what you know – your knowledge. For example, do you know the meanings of certain words? Do you know the difference between an adjective, a noun, an adverb, and a verb? Do you know the formula for the area of a triangle?

Skills: These exams also test your ability to do things with the knowledge – your skills. For example, do you know how to distinguish between fact and opinion? Do you know how to use adjectives and adverbs correctly? Can you calculate the area of a triangle?




Timed testing has disappeared from almost all K-12 education in the United States, public and private. Therefore, most students have not been taught nor otherwise prepared for timed tests. The most notable exceptions are AP classes, however even many AP classes do not dwell on the timing sufficiently to bring students to mastery of timed testing. 

The testing agencies conduct extensive research into how long it takes students to finish the tests with optimal scores. They then allow substantially less time. It is unreasonable to expect students who have not been trained on how to take timed tests to perform well on timed tests.


Reasoning gaps


Almost no schools, public or private, teach logic and reasoning. Therefore, most students have not been taught nor otherwise prepared for reasoning tests. Imagine your student trying to play well at a new sport, or to perform well on a new instrument.  This is a patently unreasonable proposition. In the same way, it is unreasonable to expect students who have not received adequate instruction and training to perform well on reasoning tests.



Prometheus Diagnostics – Standardized Test “Signature”


Prometheus Tutors pioneered diagnostic testing for standardized tests. These diagnostics can provide your student’s standardized test “signature” – a clear picture of strengths and weaknesses in all three components – content, timing, and reasoning.


Prometheus Test Prep – a Holistic Approach


At Prometheus, we employ a holistic approach to test preparation that includes exploring test design, implementing strategic solutions, and practicing on hundreds of authentic test questions.


Prometheus Students – substantially higher score gains


Prometheus students have a long history of achieving outstanding results on standardized tests. That fact can be attributed largely to Prometheus’ expertise in developing and delivering revolutionary test preparation strategies. Only by understanding a test’s underlying characteristics can a student meet or exceed national averages, but, more importantly, his or her expectations.


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