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PSAT / SAT / PLAN / ACT Test Preparation



PSAT / SAT / PLAN / ACT Test Preparation


College admission testing continues to change rapidly. The biggest upcoming change is in the redesigned PSAT (rPSAT) and redesigned SAT (rSAT).

SAT-to-ACT Transition Classes

·       rPSAT was first administered in October, 2015

o   https://collegereadiness.collegeboard.org/

·       rSAT was first administered in March, 2016

o   https://collegereadiness.collegeboard.org/

Prometheus Tutors offers students the most comprehensive set of tutoring  and classes/boot camps in the region. Students who are willing to work hard and embrace Prometheus’ strategies will see their scores improve. It’s that simple.


How? Just ask us!



Prometheus’ test prep programs are taught by the most experienced and qualified tutors in the industry.

They average more than 10 years of teaching experience.


College Admission Tests


College Admission Tests - Registration & Test Day


IMPORTANT ─ Registering for the tests


Important note
Students and parents are frequently confused about how and when to register for the various exams. With recent changes in SAT and ACT testing registration and procedures, including the elimination of same-day registration on the SAT and ACT, it is important to understand what testing agencies require.

Prometheus Tutors recommends that students and families be aware of and follow these registration guidelines:

  • PSAT / PLAN / AP
    • The schools administer these tests
    • Registration is usually through the guidance office
  • SAT / SAT Subject / ACT
    • Student must register with the testing agency
    • Note:
      • Same-day registration is no longer available
      • The latest day to register (with multiple late fees) is the Friday, 8 days prior to the test



Identification on test day

  • When registering, college test prep (PSAT, SAT, PLAN, ACT, SAT Subject, AP) a student must list his or her identification information (name, date of birth, school, etc.), then on test day the student must present a government or school-issued ID on test day
  • WARNING: Mistakes in information (date of birth, spelling of the name, etc.) and/or lack of ID may result in your student being excluded from the test


Registering for accommodations on admission tests

  • It is the student’s/family’s responsibility to register for testing with accommodations
  • Students registering for testing with accommodations should begin the registration process at least two months prior to the first registration deadline
  • Testing agencies require official documentation for testing accommodations
  • For additional guidance, contact Prometheus Tutors



General - College Test Prep


Auditing College Test Prep Classes and Boot Camps – at no additional charge


One of the most appealing features of some Prometheus Tutors’ test prep programs is that students may audit concurrent and future classes and boot camps – at no additional charge.


How does it work?


Upon payment for a

  • College Test Prep Class or Boot Camp, or
  • College Test Prep Tutoring program of a certain number of hours (program-specific)


Included at no additional charge

  • Your student has Unlimited Access to audit
    • Classes and/or boot camps
    • Concurrent  sessions
    • All future classes
    • One boot camp per year
    • Actual Conditions Practice Tests
  • Subject to availability
  • Same subject
  • Pre-registration is required
  • Student must be preparing for the same test
  • Additional restrictions apply



  • Prometheus’ Test Prep Class programs include some in-session work, and an average of approximately 2-3 hours of homework per session, depending upon how hungry the student is to increase his or her score.
  • Prometheus’ Test Prep Boot Camp programs include some in-session work, and an average of approximately 1-2 hours of homework per session, depending upon how hungry the student is to increase his or her score.


Make-up for missed Test Prep Classes and Boot Camps



  • The first English/Reading/Writing session and the first Math/Quantitative session are mandatory in most Prometheus Classes and Boot Camps
  • If these first sessions are missed, they must be made up.


If a student misses a Test Prep Class or Boot camp session (whether mandatory or not), he or she may make up that session at reduced tutoring rates:

  • 1.5 hours of 1-on-1 Tutoring is recommended, for a 2.5-hour or 3-hour session
  • 50% discount off standard test prep tutoring rates
  • Offer applies to a maximum of 50% of  the scheduled class or boot camp


NOTE:  Discount applies only to paid classes and boot camps, not to auditing.


Practice Tests – With Accommodations


Prometheus Tutors will make every effort to accommodate special needs. We strongly recommend the student and family share any information with us about special accommodations for their student.


Prometheus Tutors frequently makes the following accommodations

  • Extended time testing
    • All tests may be administered for extended time, at no additional charge
  • Stop-watch testing
    • All tests may be administered as stop-watch tests, at no additional charge
  • Other special accommodations for testing
    • Wherever applicable and whenever feasible,, Prometheus Tutors will provide special accommodations for all tests, at no additional charge



Previous test scores and reports

  • Knowing your student’s previous MCAS, ERB (CPT-4), ISEE, SSAT, HSPT, PSAT, SAT, PLAN, ACT, or AP scores enables us to better prepare your student
  • We have diagnostic tools that frequently provide more detail than the testing agency
  • It is most helpful if you  provide us with your student’s previous standardized test scores and detailed results
  • We can assist you in finding some of these scores and reports


Setting Goals

  • How will we all know if your student gets what he or she wants from our instruction? Goals!
  • We request that each student arrive ready to discuss his or her goals
  • We will work with each student to determine how to best achieve those goals



Pricing and Discounts



Prometheus Tutors appreciates and rewards families that refer new students:
  • Referring family: 1 free hour of tutoring or $50 credit toward class or boot camp.


  • Referred student must sign up for test prep class or 1o or more hours of tutoring.
  • Does not apply to referrals who qualify through School Partnership Programs.
  • Additional restrictions apply.
  • Contact us for more details.


Return student and sibling discounts

We are pleased to extend on of the following sibling/return-student discounts:

  • $50 returning-student/sibling credit towards a test prep program.
  • $5/hr discount for tutoring in multiple programs that run concurrently.


  • Discounts cannot be combined except where explicitly noted.



Semi-private Tutoring

Semi-private tutoring
Semi-private tutoring reduces cost for families. It is beneficial for students who:

  • Know each other.
  • Have compatible schedules.
  • Get along well.
  • Are studying at a similar academic level.
  • Test at similar levels of ability.


  • Students must jointly initiate semi-private tutoring (Prometheus does not match up students).
  • Contact us for more details.


Tutoring ─ 5% discount for pre-payment in full

Tutoring ─ Discount for pre-payment in full

  • SAT/ACT: $10 per hour discount on tutoring for pre-payment in full for 18 hours or more of test prep tutoring
  • SSAT/ISEE/HSPT: 5% per hour discount on tutoring for pre-payment in full for 18 hours or more of test prep tutoring
  • Refunds for unused portion are on a pro-rated basis, at the standard rate
  • Additional restrictions apply
  • Contact us for more details


Discounts ─ Restrictions may apply

Discounts ─ Restrictions may apply
  • Discounts and promotions cannot be combined except where explicitly noted.
  • Additional restrictions apply.




Guaranteed Instruction  for SSAT/ISEE & PSAT/SAT Prep Class or Boot Camp

Unlike many other test prep firms that cancel test prep classes with no prior warning, Prometheus Tutors offers Guaranteed Instruction.

Guaranteed Instruction – Test Prep Class or Boot Camp

If your student registers as an Early Bird for a guaranteed PSAT & SAT Class or Boot Camp, Prometheus Tutors guarantees tutored instruction

  • Regardless of low enrollment
  • For the same fee and in the same time-window
  • Reduced off our standard rate


Included:  registration, materials, intake/practice tests, review sessions, right to audit future classes and boot camps


Tutoring in lieu of the class (SAT/ACT-Combo Test Prep Class):

·         1 student:   1/2 of the class hours

·         2 students:  2/3 of the class hours

·         3-4 students:  5/6 of the class hours

NOTE: Guaranteed instruction, where offered, applies only to paid classes and boot camps, not to auditing. Other restrictions apply.


Tutor Match Guarantee

  • If you are unhappy with your Prometheus tutor, Prometheus Tutors will not charge for the first session and will try to find a different tutor
  • If you remain  dissatisfied, you will not be charged for the second session
  • This guarantee applies to a scheduled series of 18 or more private tutoring hours
  • Restrictions apply